Certified offshore training company

CFO was founded by a group of skilled marine and diving professionals with close links to Ravenna’s thriving marine, port and offshore industry which also includes the platforms on the Adriatic coast nearby.
As a highly specialised Offshore Training Centre our skilled instructors have amassed many years of experience training qualified offshore personnel to work on land and sea in marine and port activities: on board ships, sea vessels and rigs, underwater and at ports.
Today CFO is authorised as a leading Offshore Training Centre for companies both in Italy and abroad thanks to the many institutes of certification and industry accreditations attesting to its level of excellence.
CFO is an industry recognised training centre accredited by:
  • OPITO – Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization
  • IMCA – International Marine Contractors Association
  • RINA – Quality Control Systems Certification
  • RINA – Authorised RINA exam centre for NDT personnel, including Diving Applications 
CFO trains companies and personnel working in the marine and port industries both offshore and in oil, gas and mining companies. CFO’s expert instructors provide training for staff, including the latest health and safety regulations, working to improve and integrate company know-how and productivity.
CFO is also able to offer a range of specialised courses for companies with custom-made options available on request, each designed to meet the specific needs of the companies it works with.
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CFO – Safety at sea

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CFO – Safety at work

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CFO - HUET and helicopter safety training

CFO Training Facilities

CFO’s training facilities cover 1200 m2 including:

  • CFO office headquarters for management and administration
  • 5m deep swimming pool (15m x 8m) complete with changing rooms
  • 2 classrooms with seating for 12 and 11 ss. and 2 rooms with seating 8 students each, all rooms with provide fully distanced positions in keeping with regulations for COVID-19 safety measures. Each room is equipped with video projectors
  • CFO canteen area
  • One fully equipped infirmary


Outside the main building other training facilities include:

  • One Fire Fighting and Training Area complete with Smoke Room
  • One outdoor pool with TEMPSC lifeboat
  • One Hyperbaric training simulator approved for drills in Confined Spaces and Underwater Work
  • Fire Hazard Safety at Work Training Course
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Company Headquarters main entrance

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C.F.O. company canteen

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In class practical training session

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IT classroom

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C.F.O. certificates on display in entrance lobby

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TEMPSC Lifeboat for training


CFO is a member of the following associations:

CFO is an associate member with UNI certification.

[The Italian National Unification] is a private non-profit association which has performed regulatory activities– setting UNI standards – for nearly 100 years across all industrial, commercial, and service sectors. UNI represents Italy in all European regulatory boards (CEN) and World regulatory boards (ISO) and coordinates the participation of its national delegates in order to set standards, with the aim of:
- promoting the standardization of the norms required for a unified market 
- supporting and conveying the features of Italian manufacturing in technical specifications so as to raise the profile of Italy’s unique manufacturing traditions and industry 
CFO is a certified UNI associate member.

IMCA is an association that represents contractors together with the associated supply chain in the offshore marine construction industry worldwide, offering solutions in the world of diving and marine activities. Its main aim is to improve the performance of those working in the Marine Industry, promoting greater competence and regulating its activities.

[Italian Diving Enterprises Association] 
Founded in 2000, the AISI association represents all those working in Italy’s diving industry as well as the interests of commercial divers working both inland and offshore.
AISI runs courses related to:
- Improving Safety at Work in compliance with industry standards including IMCA, UNI, EDTC, Testo Unico sulla Sicurezza del Lavoro [Italy’s Safety At Work Standard Health and Safety Act] and other HSE standards required by the companies it works with.
- AISI offers training courses using the latest teaching techniques including training for all    underwater activities including
- Improving training for underwater diver technicians 
- Improving the market for commercial diving.AISI liaises regularly with other professional bodies and national and international associations giving input to the appropriate institutional bodies for legislative measures with the aim of setting standards and checking on the levels of competence within the Diving Industry. AISI works with various government bodies to set out rules and regulations to safeguard health and safety at work and together with its associate members is working on strategies for innovation and to develop new areas within the market, as well as becoming more international.
CFO is an AISI associate member.

R.O.C.A. stands for Ravenna Offshore Contractor Association. The association works to promote its members by organising conferences and taking part in trade fairs and overseas missions in order to promote their growth and affirm their success in the world of Oil and Gas and other sources of energy. ROCA has partnered with Ravenna’s Chamber of Commerce CCIAA and the Assomineraria since 1994 to organise regular editions of the OMC- Offshore Mediterranean Conference- which takes place in Ravenna every two years.
CFO is a ROCA associate member.


[Italian Association of Emergency Medical Technicians]
AIEMT is the Italian Association of Emergency Medical Technicians which promotes and organises courses and conferences as well as public events relating to health emergencies. The association was founded in 1992 as a branch of the Group EMT, a collective made up of Doctors, Nurses and Paramedic Ambulance Drivers working in Ravenna’s Emergency Medicine centres and accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health. The AIEMT training centre, set up in 1996, has become a benchmark for the IRC (Italian Resuscitation Council), which is an Italian association which works with ILCOR, the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation to elaborate guidelines for treating cardiac arrest. Since 2012 it has been an IRC community training centre raising awareness for problems relating to the heart, including cardiac arrest, cardiovascular and pulmonary care and resuscitation after cardiopulmonary arrest using automated external defibrillators (AED). AIEMT is accredited by Italy’s 118 emergency service. All AIEMT trainers are certified IRC instructors who follow the officially approved guidelines, all trainers are fully enrolled members of the AIEMT.

Marine Consulting International, was founded in 1991 to provide services in the field of technical diving and offshore engineering for the Oil and Gas industry both in Italy and overseas. For over 20 years, from its operational headquarters in Mezzano-Ravenna, Marine Consulting International has provided a range of services including Air & Saturation Diving and ROVs for Oil & Gas in open seas, both in the Mediterranean and around the world. The company provides Underwater Engineering Services, Offshore Construction and Maintenance, and carries out Decommissioning and Removal work. Marine Consulting International is ISO certified (ISO 9001-2008) and since 2000, has also been authorised by RINA, Lloyd, DNV and many other internationally registered authorities to carry out In-Water Surveys for Ships and Offshore Mobile Units.

Founded in Ravenna by a group of expert entrepreneurs from the Oil & Gas, Offshore and Subsea Services, Fenix provides underwater robotics and engineering services. The services range from surveys, inspections, maintenance and repair of subsea assets, non-destructive testing and diving support, to highly specialised reporting, project planning and management of specific measurements, data gathering, processing and engineering analysis.

The Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre is a private health care facility, accredited by the Italian Health System, specializing in the care of patients treated in a hyperbaric chamber with oxygen therapy. The centre has been open for over 20 years, during which time it has gained a reputation for excellence among those in the scientific and medical community as a result of its achievements in patient care, its research projects and training courses, which are carried out in collaboration with some of Italy’s most prestigious universities and medical associations.

TECHNO is an engineering company founded in 1999 specialising in HSE (Health and Safety & the Environment) managing and solving problems surrounding Health and Safety in the Environment. TECHNO plays a key role today working to support companies in many areas including the Oil & Gas industry, manufacturing, agro-industry, construction, energy, transport on land and by sea, and the trade and service industries, all of which continually strive to improve the level of standards in Environmental Safety Management taking care to safeguard our natural heritage.

RINA SERVICES S.p.A. is the branch of RINA which works to provide services to classify, test, inspect and certify, (TIC Services) in order to guarantee a high degree of excellence in companies working in shipping, energy, infrastructures, transport and logistics, quality control and safety, and in food and agriculture. Safety issues for keeping people and products safe, protect assets and safeguard the environment are important for everyone whether they are sailing yachts, running offshore rigs, or charting cruise ships, bulk carriers, container vessels or military ships. At RINA Academy, RINA has used its many years of experience to plan and develop courses offering expert training for personnel working in various different markets.

BESANT Srl was founded in 2000 and over the years has come to specialise in integrated consultancy services for Hygiene and Safety at work as well as managing company data management systems. BESANT organises training courses for employees and small or medium sized companies in keeping with the Italian Health and Safety Law D.lgs 81/08 and in compliance with the Accordo Conferenza Stato Regioni [Regional Interstate Conference Agreement] runs courses on various subjects: fire safety, basic first aid, fork lift trucks, safety and many other topics.